31 December 2019
Happy New Year!
Marry Christmas!
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18 September 2019

Specialists of JSC "Plakart" have developed the production technology of drill string stabilizers from non-magnetic austenitic stainless steel with super-strong blades coating Plakart-0.34 (HF 7000, laser welding) and with chamfer strengthening with composite rod (70% WC). Stabilizers were sent to field tests, and if they’ll be successful, production will become serial. The solution allows to exchange import American and Canadian parts.

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17 September 2019

1. Speed up the surface preparation process
2. Quality improvement due to automation, elimination of human factor.
3. Shot-blasting equipment processes steadily exactly, reducing inaccuracies in the part surface geometry.

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10 December 2018

New automated mobile gas flame spraying complex Plakart represents completely equipped working site for gas-flame spraying coating, one of the main advantages is the possibility of its transportation to any place at any time.
The automated complex of gas-flame coating is a modular system. All components are located in standard 40-foot sea container; transportation is possible both by truck and the sea vessel. The working site of coating, thus, can be placed in shop, on street floor space, in the location place of large-size object, for example, metalwork. Mobile complex provides flame spraying coating both in complex container, and beyond its limits, including also manual spraying on large-size objects (metalworks, bridge, support of power line, etc.). Сommissioning takes only several hours.
First gas-flame spraying mobile complex already successfully started to work at the customer location as the working site of babbit bearings antifrictional layer restoration.

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23 March 2014
// Новости страны

HANNOVER MESSE has been the world’s most important industrial tradeshow and largest capital goods exhibition for years. Plakart presented thermal spraying and laser/plasma equipment, powders and coating solutions.

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