Plakart has mastered the production of drill string stabilizers with ultra-strong blades

Plakart has mastered the production of drill string stabilizers with ultra-strong blades
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18 September 2019

Specialists of JSC "Plakart" have developed the production technology of drill string stabilizers from non-magnetic austenitic stainless steel with super-strong blades coating Plakart-0.34 (HF 7000, laser welding) and with chamfer strengthening with composite rod (70% WC). Stabilizers were sent to field tests, and if they’ll be successful, production will become serial. The solution allows to exchange import American and Canadian parts.

Stabilizers are an integral part of bottom-hole assembly (BHA). Most stabilizers have a right screw-shaped blade rotation configuration. Stabilizer blades, which are the main working elements, are coated with various hard-alloy materials. They are used to calibrate the oil or gas well bore walls and communicate between logging tools and a rotary controlled system.

Stabilizers are designed for drilling tool centering and calibration of well bore during drilling of oil and gas wells of different purpose in rocks with different mechanical properties - from soft, hard to strong.

Stabilizers are used for:

• Elimination of gutters and barrel curves

• Control of barrel deflection

• Reducing the risk of differential grip

"Plakart" has developed more effective alternative to traditional strengthening with hard-alloy teeth and soldering of hard alloy plates – laser cladding of wear-resistant coating which is much higher in consumer properties. Similar technology is used by all the world 's leading manufacturers of this equipment.

Plakart stabilizers advantages:

• Import substitution, repairability.

• Reduce delivery times of parts from manufacturer to operator.

• Lower the cost of buying new expensive equipment.

• Equipping drilling teams with stabilizers of the required diameter in a short time.


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