В активе АО "Плакарт" более 1500 покрытий для: упрочнения, снижения износа, увеличения коррозионной стойкости, увеличения рабочего ресурса детали (в 3 и более раз), придания необходимых свойств поверхности, восстановления геометрии поверхности, как высокотехнологичная альтернатива гальваническому хромированию и цинкованию.

Anti- corrosion and wear surface protection: submersible electric motors (SEM), electrical submersible centrifugal pump (ESCP), the columned equipment, the gas-compressor units, tanks, working parts of locking- regulating fittings. Working life increase of rods, plungers, bushings.

Surface and coating restoration of screw bottomhole engines rotors and hydroshock mechanisms rods. Working surface hardening of calibrators, centralizers, stabilizers, cores collets, the threads of compressor tubing pipes. Restoration by the strengthening laser layer of borehole resistivity meter case without dismantlement.

Hardening and wear protection by HVAF/HVOF: driving wheels, rlabyrinth ring, heating surfaces of coppers, coils, contour pipes. Turbine blades laser cladding repair. Metalwork, tanks corrosion protection by metallisation.

Heat-resistant coatings. Restoration and hardening of passline rolls, shafts, drawing drums. Forge ingot surface protection against gas-saturation by coating.

Thermobarrier and heat-resistant coatings of gas-turbine engines blades - HVOF/HVAF, air plasma, laser cladding. Anticorrosion coatings of water or fuel storage containers, tanks, water craft hulls, metalworks. The strengthening coatings for chassis, locks and other planes parts.

Anticorrosive metal coatings of power line supports , bridges, transitions, monuments, front designs, treatment facilities, snow melting bunkers and other infrastructure facilities. Anticorrosive and wear protection, surface restoration of heavy special equipment by metallisation and laser/air plasma cladding: rods, plungers, ladles, etc.

Surface recovery and hardening of seats, working simple and difficult configuration surfaces of fast-worn-out parts. Working life Increase up to 10 times in comparison with a new uncoated part: rod, roll, spindle, plunger, piston, shaft etc.

Working surface restoration and hardening: calender shaft, shaft with a ceramic coating, rollers, drums, the tension, satined and other shafts. Surface restoration of seats and saddles. Working life Increase upto 2.5 times in comparison with the chromeplated coating. 14th surface finish class.

Wearproof coatings for shut-off and control valves working elements used at hostile environment, of high pressure pumps plungers, rods and other hard working parts. Anticorrosion coatings of the columned equipment, tanks, metalworks operated in the conditions of hostile environment.

Wear protection of molds in glass industry. Industrial knives hardening etc.