Anti-corrosion protection of hulls and welds of cooling towers

Anti-corrosion protection of hulls and welds of cooling towers
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Stainless steel is suitable for any type of construction, but this material is very expensive and is also not free from electrolytic corrosion, especially when working with salt water, as well as in an atmosphere of salt fog.
The combined metallization and paintwork system of protection against corrosion “SPRAMET” allows to increase the service life of objects in contact with a corrosive-active environment by an order of magnitude.
Combining the advantages of anodic protection and painting, the SPRAMET system provides metal corrosion protection for decades, even in the case of mechanical damage to the base metal.
The term of the warranty operation of coatings is at least 10 years. The period of normal operation of coatings in atmospheric conditions is 50 years, in hot water - 20 years, in petroleum and petroleum products - 15 years.
Also on the site is sandblasting the surface of metals and coating them with various anticorrosive coating composition.


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