Corrosion protection of heat exchanger tube grids

Corrosion protection of heat exchanger tube grids
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The extension of the life of tube sheets of heat exchangers is achieved by protecting the surface of the tube sheet against corrosion by the method of flame spraying metal or stainless steel alloys. The choice of spraying material is made depending on the aggressiveness of the environment, the complexity and the cost of replacing the equipment. The process of corrosion of pipe boards stops completely or significantly slows down, reducing to a much slower corrosion of the coating.

Medium: sulfur gas, H2S, SO2.
Temperature: ~ 300oC.
Problem: Corrosion and erosive wear of pipe boards of heat exchangers.
Solution: a Sublayer galvanically close to the base metal and preventing underfilm corrosion. The main layer protecting from wear and corrosion.
Аdhesion of the coating: more than 60 MPa.
Hardness: 64-68 HRC.
Porosity: less than 1%.

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