High-temperature anti-corrosion coating of chimneys

High-temperature anti-corrosion coating of chimneys
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Metallic chimneys and exhaust shafts of boiler and gas pumping plants are very difficult to protect against corrosion with lacquer or polymer compositions: temperature drops up to 600oC quickly burn protective coatings and leave the pipe unprotected against corrosion. Spraying aluminum-containing protective coating can solve the problem of protecting the chimney from corrosion for 15-20 years.
When heated, the coating forms an intermetallic aluminosilicate layer with the pipe material, which is not subject to corrosion and is extremely slow to wear under atmospheric conditions.
The JSC Plakart company offers a line of composite systems of protection of SPRAMET. The wide choice of the applied materials allows to pick up option of protection of your chimneys, optimum at the price and appointment.
Today, JSC Plakart has tens of implemented projects with application of coatings of "SPRAMET" across all Russia. The SPRAMET systems perfectly prove in fresh and salty water, resist to atmospheric corrosion, protect oil storages from corrosion.

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