Restoration of seats of the shaft of the smoke exhauster by flame spraying or surfacing

Restoration of seats of the shaft of the smoke exhauster by flame spraying or surfacing
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Installations of atmospheric-vacuum distillation of oil, such as ELOU AVT-6, etc., are the head installations for oil refining at all refineries. Since they process almost all the oil coming to the refinery, its reliable and stable operation is extremely important for the success of the entire refinery. The shaft of the smoke exhauster is used to remove gaseous products during oil refining.

When the shaft is in operation, the shaft seats wear out, which causes vibrations, and due to the high shaft weight (6.5 tons) can lead to a serious accident.

The decision to restore the seats of the shaft neck-applying the method of flame spraying coating Plakart TM on the basis of corrosion-resistant heat-resistant steel with subsequent machining.

On the received comments the term of operability of the restored shaft is not lower than at new products.

Stages of recovery:

  1. Pre-machining before spraying (to avoid different thickness of the coating), removal of defects, old repair coating, surface preparation for flame spraying, etc.. Before performing the work is brewing small nicks and dents on the parts.
  2. Spraying of TM Plackart coating on the basis of corrosion-resistant heat-resistant steel.
  3. After coating is machined and polished products to the required purity classes.

Characteristics of the coatings applied by flame spraying:

  • Carbon and alloyed steels:
    • Porosity 2 ... 8%.
    • Microhardness 240 ... 600 HV.
    • Strength of adhesion is 15 ... 30 MPa.
  • Stainless steels:
    • Porosity 2….4%.
    • Microhardness 270..330 HV.
    • Strength of adhesion is 15...30 MPa.

Technical and economic effect

Reducing the cost of a new shaft, the restoration of an expensive product from the state under write-off. Reduction of downtime during emergency repairs, no need to wait for the delivery or manufacture of a new shaft.

The possibility of re-repair (in the planned case, at least 2-3 repairs, with an emergency stop - the percentage of wear).

The equipment of the coating centers of Plakart provides high-quality repair of the surface of the seats of a smoke exhauster shaft weighing up to 5 tons (complete with impellers - up to 6.5 tons).


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