Restoration of the babbit layer in bearings and sliding liners

Restoration of the babbit layer in bearings and sliding liners
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Problem: after wear 0.1..0.3 mm it is necessary to re-fill the worn babbit layer. The excess after filling is removed by machining and can be used for filling no more than 25%.
Service conditions: oil, vibrations are possible. In the moving mode from the place – the grown poor lubricant.
Solution: applying a layer of Babbitt to the pre – prepared surface with a gas-flame method, which significantly improves the quality of the surface due to the absence of shells, caverns, a coating with a given porosity is obtained-8%.

Technical and economic effect:

  • The friction coefficient at the time of moving from the place in the mode of boundary lubricant is 1.7 times lower, than at the babbit applied with way of filling.
  • The operation time in the rotation mode until the appearance of intermittent rotation increases 8 times.
  • The consumption of antifrictional material is considerably reduced.
  • Reduction of term of repair.
    • The application of the method of thermal spraying babbit inverted the idea of the quality of production of bearings for the following reasons:

      1. When spraying, it is impossible to use used babbit. When ordering spraying, you are guaranteed to get a new babbit as an anti-friction layer.
      2. Sprababbit, specially designed for spraying, provides a lower friction coefficient than standard babbitt B-83, B-88 with higher adhesion and cohesion of the coating. The high adhesion of the sprayed coating makes it possible not to carry out a «Dovetail» groove on the part, significantly reducing the labor intensity and material intensity of the process.
      3. Flame spraying completely eliminates the possibility of cavities or solid inclusions, evenly distributing babbit on the bearing surface - this reduces the overall thickness of the babbit layer.
      4. The lamellar structure of the coating causes the presence of micropores that accumulate oil during operation. In the event of an accident, the oil is released from the pores, providing additional lubrication - and additional minutes of operation of the mechanism, so necessary in the event of an accident.
      5. Flame spraying allows to perform an anti-friction layer of the layered structure-for example, bronze + babbit, which further reduces the risk of a serious accident.

      The thickness of the sprayed babbit layer can be from 1.5 to 30 mm, the recommended thickness for the production of bearings - from 2 mm. Obviously, spraying a new babbit costs somewhat more than refilling the old one.
      The assets of the company "Plakart" hundreds of sprayed bearings and several turnkey spraying systems. Contact our regional centers for babbit spraying.


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