Rod of the hydraulic drive. Repair, chromium plating, restoration of rods of hydraulics

Rod of the hydraulic drive. Repair, chromium plating, restoration of rods of hydraulics
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JSC Plakart performs repair of cylinders, hydraulic cylinder rods using high-speed carbide coating. The technology of repairing the rod involves removing the old chrome coating, applying a new layer by high-speed spraying and further grinding and polishing up to grade 12 of purity. Depending on customer needs, we can offer.

Tungsten carbide coatings

Tungsten carbide is a versatile material and works great for both friction and abrasion. In addition, it has a higher hardness, adhesion and density than galvanic chromium. When working hydraulic cylinders in open production (career), metallurgical industries and other industries, high-speed deposition of tungsten carbide can guarantee a longer operation of the repair rods of the hydraulic apparatus than the original. The technology is certified and widely used by Liebherr, Cat Reman and many other manufacturers.

Alternative solution

When working on less critical parts of the production of rods in the restoration of the surface of the rod is allowed to use materials, the cost of which is lower than the cost of tungsten carbide, such as iron-based powders. In case of application of such materials it is necessary to carry out the correct selection of the powder grade for the existing stem seal. Our experts have many years of experience in the repair of rods and guarantee the optimal choice of coating material to increase the service life of hydraulic cylinders.

Our productions (in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, St. Petersburg, Tatarstan, Tyumen) are certified according to ISO 9000, have the technical capability of spraying and machining parts up to 4 meters long and up to 500 mm in diameter on one site. The possibility of repairing longer parts is discussed on a specific example.

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