Detonation spraying, D-gun

Description of the detonation spraying process

Detonation process.jpg

Cycle of operation:


  • feeding and mixing of fuel and oxygen;
  • lighting of fuel-gas mixture, powder feeding;
  • detonation of fuel-gas mixture, acceleration of powder;
  • creating a layer of coating on a substrate.

Main advantages of the detonation spraying process


  • wide range of using materials — as cemented carbides with metal matrix composition, as well as all types of ceramics;
  • significant range of coating thicknesses — 0,05...2 mm;
  • minimal porosity (<1%);
  • adhesion >70 MPa;
  • roughness, which can be achieved after finishing <0,01 Ra.

Main technical benefits of Plakart D-3 deton ation spray equipment:

  • possibility of feeding spraying materials from two powder feeders simultaneously or alternatively during the process;
  • equipped with all necessary safety interlocks (for water, air, oxygen, acetylene, ventilation), which provide safety operation of equipment;
  • set of different barrels item for providing various depth of powder injection;
  • software of control unit include independent safety block, which prevent starting up of equipment in case of using dangerous cyclograms, failure or break-down of valves or controller.

Detonation equipment

Детонационное покрытие

Detonation spray equipment is intended for spraying wide range of coatings, based on various type of ceramics, metals, alloys, composites and blends, carbides, onto different type of details substrate, mostly metalic, for restoring or obtaining required characteristics of detail's surfaces. Principle of equipment action is based on heating, acceleration of spraying material by means of energy of fuel gas mixture's detonation and further transfer of heated material onto details substrate.

Detonation equipment consists of the following units:

  • detonation gun;
  • Детонационное покрытие
  • controller unit for gases and cooling water;
  • operational control unit, based on PLC;
  • vertical manipulator of detonation gun;
  • manipulator of detail;
  • set of cables and hoses.

Examples of application:

  • Details of general machining: shafts, bushings, bearings, seals, etc.
  • Втулки с детонационным покрытием
  • Aviation:
    • rotor and stator blades,
    • guide rails,
    • etc.
  • Oil&Gas industry:
    • bushings and sealing rings of ESP units,
    • gate valves,
    • shut-off valves,
    • working surface of drill tools,
    • etc.
  • Tools industry.
  • Instrument engineering.
  • Electronic and radio industry.
  • Shipbuilding industry.
  • Space-rocket industry.