Gas dynamic cold spray, GDCS

Plakart produces Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Coatings for industrial equipment (see photo - anticorrosion Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Coating of the heat exchanger without dismantling). Besides, we deliver installations of turnkey cold gasdynamic spraying (adjustment, service, training).

In difference from other gas-thermal technologies in gasdynamic installations the firm unfused powder particles of metal dispersed to high speed interact with a firm substrate (detail). Acceleration of particles is made by a supersonic air flow.

Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Coatings advantages:

  •     coating does not demand special conditions (cameras), is carried out on air, at any temperature and humidity;
  •     insignificant thermoimpact on a part surface (coating zone does not heat up higher than 100-150 degrees C). There is no deformation, oxidation, the internal tension of material;
  •    Cold Gas Dynamic Spray is safe for the environment (there are no high temperatures, dangerous gases, hazardous waste demanding special utilization);
  •     cleaning of a surface during Cold Gas Dynamic Spraying;
  •     the narrowly targeted stream of particles allows to apply coatings on local sites;
  •     mobile, easy-to-work equipment;
  •     it is also possible to carry out sand blasting by Cold Gas Dynamic Spray installation .