Protection against cavitation of the pump runner

Protection against cavitation of the pump runner
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Cavitation-resistant coatings for impellers of centrifugal pumps - gas-thermal spraying, equipment and technology. Wear and cavitation of the impellers leads to increased power consumption, lower pressure at the outlet, more frequent repairs. Coatings provide a higher service life and energy saving.
In conventional centrifugal pumps, part of the fluid from the high-pressure region passes through the gap between the impeller and the pump casing into the low-pressure zone. When the pump operates with a significant deviation from the design mode in the direction of increasing the discharge pressure, the flow rate of leakage through the seal between the impeller and the housing increases (due to the increase in pressure drop between the suction and discharge cavities). Due to the high velocity of the fluid, cavitation phenomena may appear in the seal, which may lead to the destruction of the impeller and the pump casing. As a rule, in domestic and industrial cases, cavitation in the impeller of the pump is possible with a sharp drop in pressure in the heating or water supply system: for example, when a pipe, heater or radiator is broken. With a sharp drop in pressure in the area of the pump impeller, a vacuum is formed, and water begins to boil at low pressure. In this case, the pressure drops sharply. Cavitation mode results in erosion of the pump impeller, and the pump fails.
Sprayed coatings provide long-term protection against corrosion, wear and cavitation, prevent power loss and reduce energy costs.

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